Eddie Vedder brings "Ukulele Songs" to Chicago tonight

Eddie Vedder brings "Ukulele Songs" to Chicago tonight

Pearl Jam's music has always had a lot of energy, a bit of anger and an electric sort of choas to it that has made the Seattle grunge group  one of the best bands of our time.

Although many of the wild aspects and musical arrangements still remain in their songwriting – many of the band members have put the stage diving, guitar breaking and heavy-metal head banging behind them.   Eddie Vedder for instance, has mellowed out considerably over the last twenty years.   Thankfully, he's managed to do it with grace.

Tonight, Pearl Jam's frontman takes the stage at The Chicago Theatre alone with a ukulele (and maybe a few guitars) to perform songs (mostly) from his solo album, appropriately titled “Ukelele Songs”.   In a bit of a nod to the songwriting of the pop from the 50's and early 60's, the songs on the album, most under three minutes, are catchy, sentimental and have an “even flow”.

Not every artist could take their fans on such a crazy journey from a well known style, but it's apparent that Pearl Jam fans are fiercely loyal followers, game for anything Eddie Vedder has to offer.  While most singer/songwriters can easily turn an acoustic performance into a nap, Vedder is not that dude.  Vedder's voice has always been the star and tonight, that voice will hold the spotlight.

Eddie Vedder plays a sold out show tonight at The Chicago Theatre. Glen Hansard of The Swell Season and Dublin band, The Frames will join Eddie Vedder.

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