Dig That Blender? Rainbow Suspenders!

Dig That Blender? Rainbow Suspenders!

Before Julia Roberts cried at the opera and got kicked out of a Rodeo Drive boutique, we all fell in love with the original hooker-with-a-heart-gold...Charity Hope Valentine.

(To be fair: she is a technically a "dancer for hire"...but to be realistic: girl is a hooker.)

Sweet Charity chronicles the misadventures of a young girl looking for love in all the wrong places. ("Carrie Bradshaw?!" "No").  She's got a terrible job, no money, and keeps falling in love with losers who shove her into the lake. ("Wait, that totally happened to Carrie in season three, didn't it?!" "Get over it!")

Great music. Great dancing. SUCH great dancing that Beyoncé paid tribute to it in her Get Me Bodied video. Mmph. Rich Man's Frug, fo sho.

Writers' Theatre has reimagined this charming musical in an intimate space, with a live jazz combo providing the jams. It's gritty, it's sexy, it's wonderful. Check it out.

Sweet Charity is playing through March 31 at Writers' Theatre, 325 Tudor Court in Glencoe, IL.




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