Master of the House (of Representatives)

Master of the House (of Representatives)

I was dragged to Lincoln this weekend as part of my plus-one's birthday requests, and despite my distaste for historical war was worth it if only to see the full-size, surround-sound Les Miserables trailer!

Sally Field having an emotional breakdown is also always worth the ticket price.

I don't care how sharp your Mac is, the trailers you've watched at home have not prepared you for this level of EMOTIONS! Including the emotion "horrified" in regard to Russell Crowe's singing voice. Yikes.

Nevertheless, my excitement is palpable. I'm a Les Mis novice, and can name you a mere two songs (Castle on a Cloud, I Dreamed a Dream), so this is obviously going to be a landmark occasion.

But first, the live stage show starts this week in Chicago. Did you get tickets?! You did?!?! Are they as high up in the balcony as mine? Probably not. Mine are...very high up. But gurl, the holidays are approaching and I can't be blowing all my money on theater tickets. I also figured of all shows to still be enjoyable way up in the rafters, Les Mis takes the cake. It's not famous for its subtlety.

Bonus: Anne Hathaway's SNL was lackluster per usual, but the opening Les Mis sequence was pure bliss. Happy Birthday, Anne.

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