Flashes of Eve

Flashes of Eve

Did anybody watch SMASH last night? When are they gonna throw Ellis down an elevator shaft?! That conniving little weasel gets more and more obnoxious with each passing wide-eyed smirk.

Somebody needs to seriously lay the smack-down on his faux-hetero, sleazy self! I can't believe Anjelica Houston actually hired him at the end! Come on, Eileen! At least Tom wised up before the credits rolled.

This character is so ridiculous, and I'm going to require some serious redemption to feel satisfied in the end. I'm not talking "an Olsen twin stomps on your wedding dress after you try to send her to boarding school" redemption...I need that slimeball to be HUMILIATED! Like, via a leaked x-rated home video humiliated. Or maybe his vest collection gets destroyed in a fire. I don't know. There are no wrong answers in brainstorming, people!

It wasn't all nauseating, though. The fruit of Meryl Streep's loins, Grace Gummer, was a refreshing addition as Eileen's do-good daughter.  It's nice to see Anjie's softer, grounded side. The side that doesn't waste precious alcohol flinging it willy-nilly. Yes, your ex is a jerk, but c'mon, that martini cost $15!

Bonus: I love when you witness glimpses of a performer's famous parents in their acting choices. (i.e. the faces Kate Hudson makes that cause one to shriek "GOLDIE HAWN! What are doing in Bride Wars?! And more importantly, why am I watching Bride Wars?!") So many enchanting Meryl-isms last night, Grace darling. Genetics for the win!

Oh, the drama. Happy World Theater Day, kiddos!

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