If the shoe fits.


I don't know if you've noticed, but it's been freezing lately. This weekend, I took advantage of the low temperatures and spent some quality time...doing absolutely nothing.

Armed with sweatpants, an excess of red wine and a roommate who was just as eager to hibernate in front of the television, it was only a matter of time before the Disney DVD's got whipped out.

Shame be damned. Sometimes you need a bit o' Princess-infused good times.

Just ask Black Ensemble Theater.

Their popular production of "The Other Cinderella" has gotten rave reviews from
every single major Chicago publication, and it's just been extended
until January 30th.

We're all familiar with the fairy tale, but this retelling is a joyful breath of fresh air.

The wigged-out Stepmama, the bump-and-grind catty stepsisters and a Jamaican fairy-godmother with a stretch Hummer add to the hilarity. There's even a surprise visitor from the Land of Oz...

Music is what Black Ensemble Theater does best, and this production does not disappoint. Video preview alert!: Check out the riffs on Candace Edwards' dynamic Cinderella!

Do as I say not as I do: leave the house this upcoming weekend. Check out Black Ensemble Theater's "The Other Cinderella" before it turns back into a pumpkin January 30th.

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