Champagne makes me drowsy!


The Drowsy Chaperone opens tomorrow at the Marriott Theatre, and this is my official plea for y'all to go see it!

I saw this show when it was on tour in 2008, and never have I laughed so frequently and so hard throughout a show. Like...insane amounts of laughter. The kind of laughter usually reserved for cocktail hour.

Granted, I haven't seen this production yet...but Marriott rarely disappoints.

The whole show-within-a-show concept has been done before (Urinetown and [title of show] come to mind), but The Drowsy Chaperone approaches it from a more poignant perspective: "To chase his blues away, a modern day musical theater addict known simply as 'Man in Chair,' drops the needle on his favorite LP, the 1928 musical comedy The Drowsy Chaperone. When the record begins to play, the musical magically bursts to life on stage..."

The 'Man in Chair' is this sweet, funny man who lives alone and loves listening to his musical theater records...and of course, can't help but provide the audience with hilarious commentary throughout the entire performance.

In one of the show's best running gags, the cast is forced to continuously repeat lyrics/dance steps as the record skips from time to time.

With spectacular music, dancing, ridiculously funny characters and brilliant commentary on how theater (both past and present) can affect our mood, there is simply nothing about this show I don't like.

Plus, insane amounts of tap-dancing. Who doesn't love tap-dancing!?!

And I can't wait to see it!

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