Northwestern QB Kain Colter looks white in NCAA 13 video game - photo

  Take a good look at the photo above.  What you are looking at is an actual photo of Kain Colter, who is the current QB for Northwestern and what he looks like in the EA NCAA 13 video game.  Hmmmm, something is not quite right with the video game likeness and Kain is not... Read more »

Chicago man wins cherry-pit spitting contest in Michigan

46-year old Ronn Matt from Chicago pulled off a huge upset win at the annual International Cherry Pit Spitting Contest on Saturday in Southwestern Michigan.  It was the first time in 20 years that someone whose name was not Krause or Lessard had won.  It almost didn’t happen.  Ronn’s wife had to convince him to... Read more »

Today is Bill Kurtis Day in Chicago

Bill Kurtis,  who is best known in Chicago as a news reporter for WBBM-TV, and  his longtime partner Donna LaPietra are being honored today for their numerous contributions to the arts and to Chicago.  Around the world Kurtis is known for his work with his own production company Kurtis Productions.  LaPietra is vice president and... Read more »

Woman killed over missing Halloween candy

Maria Adams, 49, who lived in the West Englewood neighborhood was stabbed several times with steak knives on Halloween by a male friend who was angry with her over a missing bag of candy.  She died on Saturday and pending the results of the autopsy the charges against her companion, Ledell Peoples, 55, could be... Read more »

Hester and Knox pull a Bears magic trick

Thumbnail image for 'Hester and Knox pull a Bears magic trick'
Devin Hester and Johnny Knox pull of one of the greatest tricks / illusions I have ever seen on a football field.  It should have counted as a touchdown, but the referees pulled their own trick and called a penalty that I still don’t see after watching the video several times. Can you see a... Read more »

Man finds $150K in his garden and turns it in to police

The odd news in Chicago today is about a man named Wayne Sabaj, who found $150,000 in his garden and called the police to turn it in.  Let me spell that out for you: one hundred fifty thousand and no cents.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that Wayne is unemployed.  If you were unemployed... Read more »

Pole Dance convention in Tinley Park this weekend - video

The Tinley Park Convention Center is hosting a pole dancing convention this weekend.  For those of you who are not familiar with pole dancing, I searched long and hard to find you a video example of what you might see at such a convention. To see the video: CLICK HERE Mary Ellen Weissman is the... Read more »

Man hit police car then tries to get away...he didn't make it

I saw a story today on the Chicago Tribune web site that said a man rammed his car into a police car, then tried to get away by leading them on a chase down the Eisenhower Expressway.  He was caught more than a mile away.  The story doesn’t say much more than that, you can... Read more »

Will Joel Osteen outsell the White Sox?

As some you already know the Chicago White Sox consistently sell fewer tickets than their crosstown rivals, the Chicago Cubs.  In fact, as of this morning the 2011 MLB attendance report says that the White Sox average 25,017 people for their home games, while the Cubs average 37, 126 for their home games.  The reasons... Read more »

Ozzie Guillen calls actor Sean Penn a "loser" - video

In an in depth interview with Yahoo! Sports, White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen calls Sean Penn a loser.  Why the harsh words you ask?  Well evidently Sean Penn had some nice things to say about Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez after receiving the star treatment during a trip to Venezuela.  Ozzie thinks that Sean didn’t get... Read more »