Is It Time to Reconsider How We Celebrate LGBT Pride?

Here in Chicago the Northalsted Business Association’s Pride Fest has come and gone, and the Parade is just a few days away. The Parade, we’re told, will be abbreviated and have additional security measures in light of the outrageous massacre of our people in Orlando, but otherwise it looks like the same-old same-old.  Music and... Read more »

Weeping for My People in Orlando

It’s happened again, and this time it’s my people. Mostly young, mostly gay men.  It does not make the crime more horrific, but for a reason I can neither explain nor justify, I feel it more deeply.  I see the image of a mother who could be my daughter waiting outside the club for news... Read more »

Shooting with Butch

The first time I ever shot, it was with Butch.  He was a high school student and player on athletic teams when I was a teacher, coach and athletic director.  And he was a bit of a pain in the ass, if you take my meaning. But the shooting took place just this week, more... Read more »

I Wish I Had Known - Being Gay is Fun!

I knew I wanted to have sex with guys before I knew what it was called. There was “Tim,” the hot-looking guy in 8th grade, physically mature for his age.  I wouldn’t really have been able to say what I wanted to do with him, because I hadn’t yet discovered the magazines at the very... Read more »

Must Chicago Tribune Customer Service Be So Bad?

What’s your experience when you tried to cancel or start a subscription to the Chicago Tribune?  If it’s like mine, perhaps you end up asking yourself how the newspaper survives, and whether it should. Think a little more deeply and you wonder if the paper’s advertising customers have similar experiences, and if so, how long... Read more »

Where does your "Gala" fundraising event money go?

The spring season of fundraising events is just completing.  Many have enthusiastically dropped anywhere from $50 to $500 into the coffers of their favorite non-profit, hoping to bolster its services or advocacy efforts.  This is as true in the LGBT community as anywhere else.  We love to party, and if the party can raise dollars... Read more »

Privatize the Transportation Security Administration?

News reports and reports from travelers all over the US tell us that long waits in airport security lines have become “the new normal.”  The phenomenon has spawned its own hashtag – #ihatethewait, suggested by the trade group Airlines for America to accompany photo documentation of the queues.  Can #ihatethetsa be far behind?  The reports... Read more »

Do Rideshare Companies Uber and Lyft endanger the public to protect their business model?

Do rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft endanger the public because they don’t do enough to check out the bona fides of their drivers?  People in the city of Austin, TX appear to think they might be doing do.  On May 7 voters in that city chose by a substantial margin to keep a December... Read more »

"Christians" oppose transgender youth use of gender-appropriate facilities in public schools

On May 3, Chicago Public Schools announced new guidelines assuring access for transgender students to facilities based on their gender identity. Barely 48 hours later a couple of right-wing legal groups masquerading as religious freedom fighters filed suit against Palatine’s Fremd High School to defend the “privacy” of high school girls by forcing by forcing... Read more »

United Methodist Church LGBT Folk and Progressives - Time to Move on?

Next week the United Methodist Church (UMC) begins the quadrennial orgy of institutional decision-making at the General Conference, being held in Portland, OR. The denomination will reportedly spend $10.5 million to bring delegates together from around the globe to celebrate the church’s work and, more importantly, most would say, to determine its polity and priorities... Read more »