Flexitarian Diet

It seems like we are always on some sort of diet or restriction so why not be a "flexitarian?"  What is a flexitarian?  A vegetarian who is flexible enough to eat meat, poultry, and fish.  The idea is to follow a vegetarian diet most of the time or for the amount that works for you and then incorporate healthy meat and fish options.  You're probably saying, "I already do that," but if you really sit down and think about what you eat from day to day, you may discover that you eat some kind of meat at almost every meal.  It's ok to eat meat and I know I just wrote about eating fish 2-3 times per week but you also need to consider your serving sizes.  A serving of meat of fish is about 3-5 oz depending on your calorie needs and body size.  The other goal of the flexitarian diet is to encourage you to eat more veggies and fruits every day.  When you focus your meals around veggies and grains, you usually have a healthier meal and if you incorporate a meat in this meal, you tend to have a smaller portion.  And if you are worried about protein, don't be; there is protein in grains, veggies, beans, dairy, nuts, seeds....you don't need as much protein as you think.  The other bonus of eating more vegetarian is a decrease in the risk of heart disease, cancer, pretty much all disease states, digestion issues, and weight loss.  When you do eat meat or fish, go for quality- grass fed, fresh fish (see one of my previous post called "Organic, cage free, wild caught.....what are the best choices?"), organic chicken, organic eggs....you can use the extra money you save from eating less meat in your overall diet to buy these quality products.

Here's a simple recipe straight from the author of the Flexitarian Diet, Dawn Jackson Blatner's website.

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