Kettlebell Workout

You have most likely either used a kettlebell for your workout or at least seen one laying around in your gym.  The kettlebell started in Russia, being used in the armed forces and even became an actual sport.  Now it's a popular tool for gyms and workout classes.  The kettlebell has a handle making it different than a typical dumbell; the weight is further away from your body making exercises harder and more core activating.  The handle and weight also allows for more power and explosive movements which burns lots of calories.  You can burn almost twice the calories in less time; about 20 calories per minute.  Kettlebell is also unique in that all the exercises use one kettlebell at a time focusing on balance and core. Kettlebell workouts are shown to improve posture and lower back pain but you want to make sure you are doing the exercises with proper form.  And lastly, kettlebell is for all levels; there are modifications to every exercise and kettlebells range in weight- from 5-100 pounds (not that you would likely use 100 pounds).  I teach a Kettleworx class at Midtown Athletic Club that is a total body workout to fun music.  If you can't get to a class that uses kettlebells, try out the Kettleworx DVDs and start using this great tool.

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