Practice portion control today!

You've heard it over and over again.  Watch your portions, don't overeat, everything in's true!  Try measuring out all your food for a few days; it will be a real eye opener.  You can overeat healthy foods too so portion control is vital to health and weight loss.  Try using real life objects to portion control, especially if you are out.  Here are some example:

  • 1 cup = a fist or tennis ball
  • 3 oz = deck of playing cards
  • 1 oz = pair of dice
  • 3 oz fish = checkbook
  • baked potato = computer mouse
  • whole wheat bread = compact disc
  • 1 tbsp peanut butter = size of your thumb

Other ideas to help with portion control:

  • smaller plate or a portion control plate
  • eat slow
  • don't skip meals so that you don't overeat at the next meal
  • snack healthfully; small frequent meals
  • read your nutrition labels carefully; check the serving size
  • plan ahead and prepare ahead
  • eat your veggies
  • plan for leftovers
  • drink water

So, start practicing portion control at your next meal.  Stay consistent, keep at it and you'll see some results whether it's weight loss or just feeling better.

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