Bountiful Eatery

With gluten allergies and intolerances on the rise, more and more restaurants are providing gluten free options and now there are a few places that are completely gluten free.  Bountiful Eatery is one of these places AND it serves healthy, fresh, real food.  It's hard to find healthy and natural foods that aren't over salted or substitutes for real food when dining out but this place has it.  When you don't feel like cooking at home or you need some variety, check this place out.

Here is a picture of our dinner last night:

Bison Pita Burger with the Spinalicious Smoothie and the Chicken Breast Platter with the Tropical Smoothie



Bison Pita Burger with the Spinalicious Smoothie and the Chicken Breast Plate with the Tropical Smoothie

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    Hi Kimberly. Can you link me to this part of the website and I'll check it out? Thanks!

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