Too much protein? Americans eat too much protein.  Part of the reason is our portions of meat are large and the other part is we are still trying to follow a low carb diet.  We should be eating about 15-20% of our total calories from protein and we are eating closer to 40%.  When you go low carb, you end up eating protein and fat mostly.  Eating too much protein can be hard on our kidneys, bones, heart and you are at risk of nutrient deficiencies.  Even if you are weight training or trying to gain muscle, you will only need a little more protein but not much more.  Yes, the main foods that contain protein are meat, poultry, fish, eggs, but whole grains, veggies, nuts, milk, yogurt, and beans also contain protein.  Try focusing on the veggies and whole grains in a meal instead of the meat; fill half your plate with veggies.  You don't have to have meat at every meal.  You may actually lose weight if you cut down on protein/meat and replace it with the right foods.

Here are some vegetarian recipes to throw into your diet regimen:

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  • Thank you Jenny for shedding some light for on the amount of protein to consume. I'm one of those people that eats closer to 10-15% of protein and always wondering if I need to be eating more protein to remain full/eat less often. I prefer to eat a combination of beans, vegetables, grains, yogurt, nuts, milk and sometimes seafood to get my protein vs. eating meat/poultry (just not as fond of them). I will check out the recipe links you shared. Thank you!

  • Part of the problem is the type and quality of protein that is eaten. Factory produced beef and chicken are terrible and hardly have any taste anyway. For red meat now I try to buy bison whenever possible. It is more expensive, but probably much better for you than corn stuffed cattle.

    I balk at the idea of grains and grains and more grains. The FDA food pyramid endorsed for so long is now showing to be a real problem for insulin regulation.

    I am more and more believing in a kind of primal diet, for various reasons.

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