Paleo diet?

It seems like the new weight loss diet is the Paleo/caveman/hunter-gatherer diet plan.  It consists of fish, meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts, and fruits and excludes grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol, salt, and refined sugar/processed foods.  It is a modern nutrition plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that various hominid species consumed during the paleolithic era.  It sounds easy enough but when you cut out 2 main food groups, it's hard to stick to.  You also miss out on nutrients; in this case, B vitamins, calcium, good fiber sources.  It's possible to get the missed nutrients from other foods or supplements but most people who go on this diet don't take that extra step.  It also seems that people are making their own version by adding a couple glasses of wine or a little dairy here and there.   My suggestion is that if you are going to commit to a diet, you need to follow it exact or you won't get the results.  But most people who follow a "fad diet," can't stay with it or start and stop multiple times.  Weight loss nutrition plans need to be something you can follow for the long-term.  Finding a healthy weight and staying there is better than reaching a weight that you can't stay at consistently.  So why not follow a healthy diet most of the time and splurge once or twice a week; it's a more realistic way to a healthier lifestyle.

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  • I could never go Paleo. A life with no peanut butter is not for me! Kate :)

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    I don't really like peanuts so I wouldn't miss peanut butter. I have tried many diets but recently bought diet pills online and I am starting to lose weight!

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