Feeding my 1 year old

My daughter has been eating since she was 5 months old and as a dietitian I was giving her all sorts of healthy foods.  She was eating it all up....until about 4 weeks ago.  The books say they get picky around this age but I didn't think my perfect little eater would be a statistic.  The first few weeks, I stressed out..."you aren't going to eat this organic food I made you?!"  But after talking to my doctor and doing a little reading, it's more behavioral than her not liking foods.  If I'm stressed out, the little one is stressed out.  So, now I act calmly...if she misses a meal, she will be ok.  Her growing has slowed down so she may be really hungry one day and not as hungry the next.  She may like a food one day and not like the same exact food the next.  It also seems she wants finger foods instead of me feeding her all the time.  Here are some meals and foods I've been trying out just in case you are going through the same thing I am:

Homemade mac and cheese with chopped up broccoli

mini hamburger with organic ketchup

tofu with soba noodles and veggies

salmon with sweet potato and chopped brussel sprouts....dipped in organic ketchup as a last resort

breaded chicken fingers

scrambled egg with cheese and spinach

finger foods:

bake sweet potato cubes

roast/bake beet cubes


steamed carrots

banana with a little sunflower butter on it



blueberries, raspberries, peach without skin, nectarine without skin, strawberries, apple without skin

here are some websites that I use to get ideas:



If you have any suggestions, please share!



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