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Breakfast facts

Eat breakfast like a king or queen, lunch like a prince or princess, and dinner like a pauper…This old aphorism still applies when it comes to calories in and expenditure out. Too many people skip or skimp on breakfast, setting them up for a day of nutrition deprivation and slowing the metabolic furnace that burns... Read more »

Why should I eat breakfast?

Many of my patients over the years admit their nutrition indiscretions to me when I ask them if their diet is as good as it can be. One commonality among most patients with nutrition indiscretions is not eating breakfast. “Why should I eat breakfast?” is a common question. The answer is this: eating breakfast stokes... Read more »

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is both an art and science. Scientifically, the right balance of foods will promote better health and wellness. Appropriate percentages of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, along with an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals, are likely to also promote peak performance and better bodily functions. Artistically, nutrition is brought to life by combining foods that are... Read more »