Why should I eat breakfast?

Many of my patients over the years admit their nutrition indiscretions to me when I ask them if their diet is as good as it can be. One commonality among most patients with nutrition indiscretions is not eating breakfast. "Why should I eat breakfast?" is a common question.

The answer is this: eating breakfast stokes your metabolic fire. You want a strong metabolism to help burn the calories you consume. Eating regular meals, not skipping any on purpose, is the key to a healthy, fuel-burning metabolism. Admittedly, eating too much may hamper the metabolic pathways and negate the regularity of meals, but in general it's better to eat something than nothing at all.

I can bore you with a variety of studies confirming that children who eat breakfast perform better in all facets academically and physically than their peers who skip this all-important meal. I can also tell you that all weight loss studies include a semblance of breakfast as part of the diet plan, knowing that this meal is key to maintaining your metabolism's health and efficiency.

You may say you are not hungry. I believe you. But if you eat a little every morning, you WILL be hungry each and every morning. And that will give you the opportunity and desire to feed your body healthy food and drink, which ultimately is what makes you a healthy, vibrant, and energetic person.

Convinced yet? Next blog, I'll talk about the parameters of what makes a good breakfast cereal.

Let me know what you think.

Eat well, live well, stay healthy.

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