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In The Middle

In all reality I’m middle aged. Now I know, at 31, that sounds crazy. But it’s true. I am in the middle. I’m not old, but I’m not young. I’m in the middle. Want to know a secret? The middle kinda fucking sucks. The middle is the hard part. The monotonous part. The part where... Read more »

Facing Myself: Choosing Strong Over Tough

Yesterday was a bad day. Not for any individual reason, just overall yuck. Maybe it was the bullshit hormones from stupid PMS. Maybe it was because I haven’t had a job for almost a month, and I don’t do well with idle time. Maybe it was because I miss my friends more than anything and... Read more »

Find The Reason, Find The Purpose

It started in the morning, as I was getting ready to go visit Savannah. A very tiny “ding” ringing in my ears. “This isn’t vacation, love. This is a semi long stay. You kinda live here.” It grew into a low grade buzzing as I laughed and drank a beer while walking down cobblestone paths,... Read more »