You Can't Have A Beautiful Future Without One Hell Of A Past

I’ve always been terrified of becoming them. The fear strikes me wholly and completely. I can’t be them. I know what I’m not, but I’m constantly terrified of what could be. Each time I enjoy a glass of wine with a girlfriend, or a sensible vodka soda. When I make plans to see my best... Read more »

Soften Your Edges

“Mouths closed, ears open, eyes on Miss Cassie.” “Pump your brakes.” “Zipper your talking lips, plug in your thinking caps, and turn on your listening ears.” “Go wash your hands.” “When you don’t listen, you break Miss Tass’s heart. Do you want me to have a broken heart?” “STOP TOUCHING YOUR PENIS.” These are the... Read more »

There Is ALWAYS A Silver Lining

(Once a month, for Blogapalooz-Hour, we are given a topic at 9pm and have one hour to write about it. You post at 10pm, no matter what. This month’s topic is, “Write about a time you experienced a remarkable coincidence or witnessed something unexplainable.” Here’s my take.) If I’m a billion percent honest with y’all,... Read more »

That's Brave, Too

Bravery’s been on my mind a lot lately. What it means, what it means to me personally, why being brave seems to be the answer to every situation. Lately I’ve been told more often than not how brave I am, which always makes me laugh. I’m not brave. I’m scared. Of everything. Constantly. I’m scared... Read more »

Heartbroken and Whole

Maybe it’s the plethora of friends getting married last year/this year. Maybe it’s because I’m reading “Wild” (because god forbid I see a movie without reading the book first). Maybe it’s because I opened my phone on my break today and realized…”Holy shit. There isn’t anyone I was hoping to have a text from.” Regardless... Read more »

Obstacle or Adventure? I Can't Make This Sh*t Up.

No procrastinating. Write everyday. No hangovers. Be very okay being a party of one. No complaining. Goals, goals, goals. Not a single non paleo item of food. Run outside, even if it’s freezing. Save, save, save. Be kind. Be ladylike. Be constantly authentic. Be better, be better, be better. I really put the pressure on... Read more »

Merry, Merry: Party Of One

It’s three days before Christmas. And I’ve just decided that I’m not partaking this year. After a couple weeks of Christmas crazy, I’m saying no. To all of it. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE the holiday season. Christmas lights are my jam and watching my preschoolers run to the window screaming with delight at... Read more »

Shake It Off: Goodbye 30, Hello 31!

I didn’t want to turn 30 last year. I didn’t have a particular reason, I just didn’t want to be “old.” And now here I sit, a little over 24 hours away from 31. 31 has always terrified me. I’ve never, ever, ever wanted to be 31. To be honest, sometimes I thought I wouldn’t... Read more »

An Unfriending: Taking Off The Rose Colored Glasses

It’s finally done. I’ve never loved the way I loved him. I’ve loved before; an innocent, young, adorable sort of love. But never like this. I knew I loved him from the time I picked up his first phone call. I knew. And that terrified me. You all know how “our” story ended. And you... Read more »

Happy Own Your Bullshit Day!

*Once a month we have Blog-a-palooz Hour. One subject to write about. One hour to write it. All ChicagoNow bloggers. This month? Create a new holiday, or holidays, that you believe should exist. Here’s my take.* I’m that girl. THAT girl. The girl who’s a little crazy. The girl who says too much. If I... Read more »