An extremely optimistic take on Justice Kennedy's retirement

An extremely optimistic take on Justice Kennedy's retirement

Justice Anthony Kennedy's decision to retire from the Supreme Court has caused elation among conservatives and depression among liberals.

Because the GOP refused to consider Obama's centrist nomination two years ago, Trump will now get a second nominee and the Court will turn hard to the right for decades. My grandchildren, and likely my great grandchildren will live with the legacy of conservative hypocrisy and obstructionism. It is likely reproductive rights will no longer be protected at the Federal level, and we've seen the attacks on voting rights as recently as with this week's gerrymandering decision. Not to mention minority rights, LGBTQ rights, and on and on ...

It's worth remembering that before Obama nominated Merrick Garland, the nominee was essentially approved by Orrin Hatch. The Utah Senator hypocrite said Garland would be easily confirmed, but Obama would nominate an extreme leftist to satisfy his base. But Obama, as he tended to do throughout his Presidency, hoped for bi-partisanship and took Hatch's advice. Sadly, the GOPhers, led by obstructionist-in-chief Mitch McConnell, refused to even consider the nomination.

Be sure to remember that any time they complain about obstruction by Democrats. Conservatives lost the privilege of crying "obstruction" after refusing to consider Garland.

But maybe there's an optimistic way to view things - at least in the short term.

One of the excuses we repeatedly hear for why Republicans continue to make excuses for Trump's immature behavior is that they're getting their agenda enacted - especially more activist conservatives at all levels of the Federal judiciary.

If we look at this through extremely rose colored glasses, can we hope this SCOTUS nomination will be enough for the GOPhers? Will they finally stop twisting themselves into pretzel-like shapes now that Trump will have delivered on the extremist agenda they've always desired?

It wouldn't improve the future for women, immigrants or minorities.

But maybe it could finally bring us a Republican Party willing to challenge - and remove from office - the most corrupt, incompetent, and hate-filled person ever to occupy the White House.

Yes, it's extremely optimistic. And we'll still be left with Mike Pence. But maybe it can mark the start of a return to civility.

I know it's not a likely outcome. But I'm going to leave on my rose-colored glasses for a little while. It might be the only way to survive the inevitable ersatz patriotism we'll see a week from now.


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