Things I Liked: Week 1

Since sometimes I feel like I focus on parts of the game that weren't good, I decided to start a weekly feature about what I liked from each game. Unless you are a total Debbie Downer, hopefully you will like it too. Things I liked can be from either team, or just a random observation from off the field as well.

On The Run: Three rushing touchdowns, 124 rushing yards, 47 receiving yards. Justin Jackson was the only reason Northwestern came close to winning this game. If this season ends up going off the rails, the most interesting thing to watch will be his climb in the school record books.

Punters Are People Too: It's not always a good sign when your punter has a good day, but Hunter Niswander had a good day for the Wildcats. He averaged 51 yards on three punts, two of which stayed inside the WMU 20 yard line. By the way, Niswander is pronounced "Nice-Wander", so here's to him having a Nis season.

True Freshman Kicker: Western Michigan started a true freshman at kicker, and he had an impressive debut. Butch Hampton, who is not a sheriff in an old western movie, made three successful kicks and nearly made a fourth in his college football debut. He hit from 20, 37 and 47. His first ever attempt was from 50, and he hit the cross bar. Not bad at all.

He's Got Hands: WMU's Corey Davis had seven catches for 70 yards, which is a very solid performance. It was his field presence that really caught my attention. Some guys just look like they belong in the NFL, and he is one of them. The 6'3 pass catcher from Wheaton, IL, is ranked #12 by Sports Illustrated on their 2017 Draft board, and as the 10th best WR available by CBS Sports. Try to keep an eye on him this season if you can.

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