The Future of Wrigley Field

With Wrigley's 100th year anniversary coming in 2014, you would think that means another 100 years is going to happen. It appears so, but in a few years how will Wrigley Field actually look. There have been illustrations posted by the Cubs organization of how they want to renovate Wrigley and what it will look like.

I personally like the idea of a Wrigley Field renovation. It's not removing any history but just brightening the place up a bit. Included in that is a better atmosphere outside with new shops and restaurants. The inside of the ballpark will maintain its same feel, but no more concrete and cracked concourses. Instead, nice tiled floors, better quality food stands and shops, new ceilings, and all of the little stuff fixed up.

Let me tell you why I agree to this. The first 100 years of the ballpark has been filled with great memories but unfortunate events such as no World Series win. A renovation which is still preserving its history, but with a bit of money in repairs and over all upgrades will begin the era of 100 more years with hopefully better outcomes for the team.

The Chicago Tribune Live a few weeks ago mentioned about building a whole new ballpark instead of spending hundreds of millions on renovations. The new ballpark will have a new location close to the old site, but maybe a view of the lake or downtown area situated closer to Lake Michigan. It will contain the original score board, sign, and some new ivy while providing an overall more comforting feeling to the fans in attendance.

I personally feel comfortable at the current Wrigley Field, but that's probably because I pay more attention to the game then the seats and leg room. With the renovation, the players would likely receive new and much larger clubhouses built underneath the field as proposed by the owners. Let's be honest, I don't think we need to go overboard with a Yankee clubhouse, but the players need more room then what they have now including the visiting team (except when the Cardinals come to town).

With all these possibilities taking place, I don't think a new ballpark is the answer but I also don't think we can let Wrigley keep on going in its current condition. I think some repairs, renovated concourses, new clubhouses and it will be good for years to come! Another good benefit of a renovation is top free agent players will be more interested in coming to a storied franchise with an even more improved Wrigley Field.

What are your thoughts?

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