Kenilworth Historic Homes

As a former long-time resident of Kenilworth, I am familiar with the incredible history and story behind the architecture of this little village. Joseph Sears, for whom the school is named, bought approximately 224 acres in 1889 and set out to build a planned community.

Streets were laid out to get the most sunshine, utilities were placed underground (amazing!), and fences and alleys were prohibited.  Lots were large and Kenilworth had an open, green expanse because of this.

By 1896, there were 300 people living in Kenilworth including many noted architects who contributed greatly to the town's ambiance.  George W. Maher is probably the most noted architect who was considered the town planner.  He was a colleague of Frank Lloyd Wright and designed 37 homes throughout the village.

Today, many of those homes are still standing - due to owners over the years who have loved and preserved them.  Some are updated but still have a turn-of-the-century feel, some have been completely modernized and updated inside, and others are still fairly original.  Many of the homes in the latter category have been razed and replaced with new construction. My own home, built in 1908, was torn down in 2004.

Fences are allowed now and the overall expansive feeling is mostly gone because of the larger homes and fences. But the grandeur of these old homes takes one breath away.

Here are photos of turn-of-the-century homes from my photo archive:


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