Think You Can't Find Modern Architecture Homes in Winnetka

Winnetka and the North Shore suburbs are all about tradition.  The Fourth of July Parade down Elm Street ending at the Village Green.  The lighting of holidays trees.  The sidewalk sale every July during predictably hot weekends.  And a McDonald's with no golden arches.

So you may think that modern style architecture would be difficult to find.  Actually it is - but it's not totally absent.  In a village packed with Tudors, Victorians, Georgians, and Colonials, one can stumble upon a "modern" home every so often.  If a modern home is for sale, it will take longer to sell since its traditional rivals are more favored.

And for clarification, I just found out about the difference between "modern" and "contemporary" homes, which most of us use interchangeably.  Modern homes were designed to be specifically and markedly different from earlier traditional homes.  Contemporary homes are those that are being built right now - they are modern in style but have incorporated some unique design feature not seen before.

So with that, I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the  modern style homes in Winnetka that come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.



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