What are the 6 Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make

What are the 6 Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make

If you are considering selling your home sometime this spring, consider this infographic.  It's the result of 1000 real estate agents being asked "What is the biggest mistake home sellers make?"   The answers were almost unanimous in the #1 mistake - overpricing your home.  The other 5 are serious impediments in getting your house sold for top dollar.

#1 Mistake - Overpricing.  There is simply no bigger mistake sellers make than when overpricing their homes.  The results are predictable and disheartening: longer days on market and lower sell price.  Specifically, overpricing beyond the range that your agent determines.

#2 Mistake - Showing Availability.  When access is denied repeatedly to potential buyers, they get frustrated and move on.  I'm not talking about a short period, such as your baby's afternoon nap time.  Although, even that should be reconsidered. I have seen restrictions like no weekend showings (really, when are most people off work?), or no showings after 5:30 pm.

#3 Mistake - Cluttered Space.  Everyone knows about staging nowadays - it's critical to get your home as neutral and ordered as possible.  Your bathroom and kitchen counter tops need to be cleared, bookshelves lightened, and keepsakes put away.  I had buyers walk away from an extremely cluttered Wilmette home - they were completely put off.

#4 Mistake - Unpleasant Odors.  This is seen (smelled?) less frequently in Winnetka and other North Shore suburbs.  But it's a good reminder to not cook pungent foods while your house is on the market.  They do linger.

#5 Mistake - Unwilling to Negotiate.  Why would a seller do this?  Your offer is in hand and some things along the line become negotiable. Be open and don't slam doors.  Digging your heels in at the wrong time can cost you the sale.

#6 Mistake - Won't Make Repairs.  If you are planning to sell "As Is" state that up front.  Otherwise, some repairs may need to be addressed. We agents understand that sellers hate a "laundry list" of minor repairs.  I explain to buyers that the inspection is not a chance to renegotiate the contract.  However, unforeseen and serious issues cannot be ignored.  The next buyer will find them too.

If you're thinking of selling, please consider carefully how these mistakes might cost you.  But now that you know, there's no reason to make them!


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