Are Winnetka and North Shore New Construction Homes Getting Larger

Are Winnetka and North Shore New Construction Homes Getting Larger

Recently, Mary Umberger of the Chicago Tribune wrote an article about real estate in 2013.  She discussed the increasing sizes of new construction homes in one of her points.  She wrote:

"The McMansion lives!  . . . No, I don't think the McMansion is dead.  People want that square footage."

She continued to say that buyers still basically want everything to be large:  the master bedroom, the garage, mud room, laundry, kitchen, and outdoor spaces.  I decided to do a little checking on newly-built homes in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Glencoe, and Northfield.

I compared all new homes built in 2003 versus those built in 2013.  Those built ten years ago averaged 4,753 sq. ft and those built last year averaged 5,784.  That is an 18% increase in overall home size.  McMansions rule.

I went a little further and checked living room sizes.  They seem to be shrinking every time I walk into a new home and surely those numbers would be down.  Nope.  The average living room was 187 sq. ft in 2003 and 236 sq. ft in 2013.  That's an increase of 21% - so much for the long heralded extinction of  living room space.

As for the overall  square footage of North Shore houses, the 5,784 is just an average.  The largest built home had 11,000 square feet and the smallest was 2,300.  So there is still plenty of variety if you are looking for new construction in Winnetka and other North Shore villages.


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