New Construction Homes in Winnetka

If you are looking for a new construction home in Winnetka, you have lots of choices.  You can spend  between $1,200,000 and over $6,000,000 for a new home.   Winnetka has many luxury homes - defined as having high-end finishes, large lots, upgrades on every imaginable item, and a great location.  One prominent luxury builder has been adding below-basement level basketball courts.   But new homes are also being built for closer to $1.2 million - still well built and appointed but overall smaller, not brick or stone,  and with fewer upgrades.

A "large" lot by Winnetka standards would be about 20,000 sq. ft and a smaller lot would be closer to 8,000-10,000 sq. ft.  Most of the higher end homes have attached garages but the smaller ones don't - victims of zoning laws that require detached garages on some lots.

See new construction homes in Winnetka here.

As of today, the MLS shows 11 new construction homes for sale.  But that is misleading as there are actually more than that.  It takes a long time to get permits plus some builders prefer to wait until they have a buyer before they begin construction.  They might rent the existing structure while actively looking for a buyer for the new home.

For new construction homes in Winnetka that are on smaller lots, bedroom sizes are often sacrificed to make room for a fifth bedroom. Usually in a lower priced home,the master and perhaps one other bedroom have private baths, and the rest  share as in a "Jack and Jill" bath.  Living rooms are smallish, but nobody minds as that room recedes into memory.  One home, in fact, had no formal dining room - it was built as a great room concept with the Kitchen/Dining room table serving both needs.

Since all of the new construction homes currently for sale are either partially built or not yet demolished, I am showing photos of new construction homes that sold in Winnetka during the past 12 months.

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