Does Buying a New Home Make you Feel Like Jumping?

Does Buying a New Home Make you Feel Like Jumping?

Does Buying a New Home Make you Feel Like Jumping?

Do you get so thrilled that your feet start to twitch and you look for arms to jump into?  Or maybe you feel the need to hug the first person you see?

I hope so.  Because it means to me, a real estate agent, deliverer of both bad and good, that I did something right.  And then my feet start to twitch.

Two examples of recent clients  I helped - both young and thus having adequate "husband-strength."

I recently followed a couple to their new home after the close - I was going to remove the lockbox on the front door.  They were standing on the stoop steps just behind me as I removed the lock, opened the door, and declared, "Entree, si'l vous plait!" (I have a French thing going on.)  The husband proceeded to pick up his wife, totally surprising her, and carrying her over the threshold.

Oh Mon Dieu!  How charming.  How chivalrous.  How passionate!

They were clearly overjoyed to get the house of their dreams.  I use this term "house of their dreams" sparingly because it's so undeniably overused.  But in this case, it's spot on.

The second scenario had me delivering paperwork to a buyer's home for their signatures.  They were happy, but otherwise stoic.  Papers signed, I left and headed down the stairs only to remember I left my sunglasses inside.  A quick turn back up, they hadn't closed the door behind me, and she was swinging in his arms.


I just love that that!  I only wish that all buyers could feel that way when they purchase a home.  Houses are what you look at, compare, and bid on, but when you make a decision, you have a home.  You've chosen a lifestyle, made a statement, incurred debt, and it's uncharted territory and so very exhilarating.

So go ahead and JUMP (maybe that's what Van Halen was talking about?)



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