The 10 Most Expensive Homes in Winnetka & the North Shore

443 Sheridan Road in Glencoe listed for $5,475,000 (@Properties)
This spring has seen a profusion of high-end luxury homes hitting the market in the North Shore, particularly in Winnetka. While the general consensus of luxury varies from area to area, I’ve looked at the price ranges in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Glencoe, and Northfield and they stack up like this: Homes for sale over $1 million:  388... Read more »

Are There Enough Homes for Sale in Winnetka, Wilmette, and the North Shore

I have been reading many reports of low housing inventory in certain parts of the country.  California comes to mind – a strong seller’s market with multiple offers on every property. From DW News:  ”Low inventory has been cited by many analysts as a concern for the housing market in 2016 as the market continues to... Read more »

Consider Hubbard Woods in Winnetka for Your Next Home

Concert in the park in Hubbard Woods
  Hubbard Woods is a charming section of Winnetka that is located at the north end of the village.  It was named after Gilbert Hubbard who lived and developed the area in the 1870s after the great Chicago fire. Hubbard Woods is one of the three main shopping areas of Winnetka - along with east Elm and west Elm. The... Read more »

Understanding Real Estate Commissions for Sellers in Winnetka & the North Shore

 Many home sellers (and buyers) do not understand how the real estate commission they pay to their broker really works.  They know that they sat down with an agent and negotiated a commission fee for selling their home but beyond that, it’s fuzzy math.  It is important to know that real estate commissions are negotiated, not... Read more »

Thinking of Moving to Evanston?

Evanston, Illinois is a thriving multi-faceted city just north of Chicago that sits alongside Lake Michigan.  It offers many different neighborhoods, good schools, and is home to Northwestern University. There are an incredible number of cultural outlets, the restaurant scene is booming, and there are several shopping areas including a robust downtown and lower-key Central Street with... Read more »

Elmwood Dunes Preserve in Wilmette

Elmwood Dunes Preserve is found where Elmwood deadends at the lakefront
It amazes me to think that a forgotten strip of land sat vacant for years in Wilmette.  This narrow strip of beachfront property was covered in tangled buckthorn and other invase species.  As a former runner, I used to run by this spot for years and never noticed it. Wilmette resident Patrick Duffy found out about... Read more »

10 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Charge What They Do

During a real estate career that goes back to 1998, I have often been asked (confronted,challenged)) with the notion that real estate agents make too much money.  It’s easy for buyers and sellers to think that when they get the HUD statement at closing and see the commission numbers. Particularly for sellers since the amount... Read more »

How Long is Too Long to List Your Home for Sale

If you are trying to sell your home, market time is not your friend.  The longer your house stays on the market, the more the value decreases for the potential buyer.  If your list price is too high and does not match the perceived value, your house will linger, unsold and stale. Sellers who price... Read more »

Defining "Under Contract" for your Home Sale

What does it really mean when your home is under contract in the the North Shore and Chicago area?  Do you celebrate with champagne?  As a seller, do you start packing in earnest? Are the showings finally over?  As a buyer, is the house really yours now? I have found over the years in real... Read more »

Veterans Day Tribute - to my Parents and all Veterans

War time photos of my parents
My parents were World War II veterans.  They fought with the Allies against the enemy in their native Poland with the Polish Underground Army and emigrated and were welcomed to this country in 1951 as veterans and refugees. My father spoke little about the war – other than a scar on his leg and the... Read more »