Kenilworth Historic Homes

1879 home on Cumnor Road
As a former long-time resident of Kenilworth, I am familiar with the incredible history and story behind the architecture of this little village. Joseph Sears, for whom the school is named, bought approximately 224 acres in 1889 and set out to build a planned community. Streets were laid out to get the most sunshine, utilities... Read more »

Winnetka Secret Passages

Fisher Lane to Sheridan Road.  This path is currently in disrepair since it runs downhill and gets lots of water runoff.
My husband and I have always walked our dogs after dinner.  It’s feels good to get exercise after our biggest meal and we found a quiet time to talk about our hectic days.  Having been doing this for many years, we’ve discovered a few “secret” passages sprinkled throughout Winnetka that one would only know about... Read more »

The French Institute of the North Shore

In 1979 I stepped off a plane in Paris, France and from that moment on my life changed.  I was in awe and marveled at the beauty, charm, quirkiness, history, and cuisine of this enchanted country. One day I decided to stop into the  French Institute of the North Shore in Winnetka, and ask the owner... Read more »
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The Winter Wonders of Lake Michigan on the North Shore

Pier at Tower Road Beach in Winnetka
At this time of year, we’ve all but forgotten about an outing to the beach here in Winnetka and the North Shore.  But Lake Michigan is a constant wonder all year round even if it’s off our radar.  It can be really moody during the winter from lapping waves of pulpy ice to thunderous surf... Read more »

Remodeling Your Home Before Selling

Remodeling Your Home Before Selling
Remodeling Before Selling It might seem illogical to remodel your home before you put it on the market to sell.  Sellers understand the need to freshen up a home, maybe hire a handyman to tighten things up.  But what about actually remodeling in anticipation of 1) selling faster, and 2) increasing home value. Home improvement projects are... Read more »

Did You Get Turned Away the Polls Today?

My son moved back home to Winnetka recently after a job change made his commute from the city intolerable.  He had been planning to re-register to vote in the suburbs . . . but never got around to it.  As usual, he waits until time has run out. Yesterday he decided to vote in our local Winnetka... Read more »

What Happens When a Real Estate Contract Falls Through

What Happens When a Real Estate Contract Falls Through
When your home is listed for sale, the most important thing you are looking for is a ready and willing buyer.  When you receive a contract to purchase your home, your emotions are running high and excitement mixed with trepidation is in the air.  Could this be it, could we really be selling our house? There... Read more »

The 10 Most Expensive Homes in Winnetka & the North Shore

443 Sheridan Road in Glencoe listed for $5,475,000 (@Properties)
This spring has seen a profusion of high-end luxury homes hitting the market in the North Shore, particularly in Winnetka. While the general consensus of luxury varies from area to area, I’ve looked at the price ranges in Winnetka, Wilmette, Kenilworth, Glencoe, and Northfield and they stack up like this: Homes for sale over $1 million:  388... Read more »

Are There Enough Homes for Sale in Winnetka, Wilmette, and the North Shore

I have been reading many reports of low housing inventory in certain parts of the country.  California comes to mind – a strong seller’s market with multiple offers on every property. From DW News:  “Low inventory has been cited by many analysts as a concern for the housing market in 2016 as the market continues to... Read more »

Consider Hubbard Woods in Winnetka for Your Next Home

Concert in the park in Hubbard Woods
  Hubbard Woods is a charming section of Winnetka that is located at the north end of the village.  It was named after Gilbert Hubbard who lived and developed the area in the 1870s after the great Chicago fire. Hubbard Woods is one of the three main shopping areas of Winnetka – along with east Elm and west Elm. The... Read more »