zfrankNestled somewhere between New York City and flyover country is the great expanse of urban territory called Chicago. Some may call it ChiRaq, the Bungalow Belt, or Lincoln Park.

It's Chicagoland: where some suburbs look like city neighborhoods, and certain city neighborhoods are Naperville, but condensed into condominiums.

Winters are long and harsh. Summer are short, foggy, and have either scorching heat or cold enough to turn on the furnace at home during the night.

There's a few attractions, like a lake, and some high-end restaurants and bars and festivals and ethnic enclaves.

How do people get around to this stuff? On some form of wheeled transport.

This blog is to showcase certain forms of transport, primarily of a certain vintage, still in-use on the area's streets.

This is more than a dirty Huffy fixie being kept chained to a fence in Humboldt Park. It's about that Schwinn Paramonunt that was made right here in Chicago. It's about that MG Midget that your neighbor kept since 1981 and was sold, and then has come up for sale again - unscathed by the one winter it sat in a driveway.
It's about that 1975 Puch Magnum that everyone drools over, but never runs and eventually makes it's way to a classified ad.

It's about the hardy survivors of road salt, potholes and time that still ply the urban streets of Chicagoland.

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