Want a Great 2011? Let the Planning Begin!


Moving your organization from good to great requires planning. You will never get from Point A to Point B if you let the ship steer itself. But this is just the situation with many nonprofit leaders. We are too busy putting out fires, trying to keep fires from starting, or dealing with the day-to-day details that we let critical planning go by the wayside.

I will put myself on a limb and suggest that every high-impact organization has a nonprofit leader who carves out time for planning, regardless of what fires are brewing.

With that said, and with the new year upon us, I thought I would provide some planning tools. All great and most free.  If you know of others, please let us know.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations

The Board Member's Guide to Strategic Planning

How Not to Do Strategic Planning

Marketing Plan

Quick MBA: Marketing Plan Outline

Nonprofit Marketing with a Purpose: Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan to Engage New Audiences

Communications Plan (Remember, communications is only one part of the marketing plan.)

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template (This is a very useful template, but it really focuses more on communications than marketing.)

Social Media Plan

Social Media for Nonprofit Beginners 

The Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide  


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  • I hope it's not distasteful to also mention my book "Field Guide to Nonprofit Strategic Planning and Facilitation."

    I wrote the book because, while many books specify what should end up being in a strategic plan, few books show how to work with a diverse group to actually facilitate the planning process -- especially to customize among different planning models in order to suit the diverse nature and needs of the nonprofit that's undergoing planning. The book is at

  • In reply to mcnam007:

    Another great resource ... thanks!

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