Should Your Nonprofit Blog?

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One of the goals of Nonprofit Chicago is to help give an online voice to Chicago's vibrant nonprofit community. But to really grow our online presence, more nonprofits need to actively blog, comment, and participate in social media. Recent studies show that nonprofits are outpacing the business sector in their adoption of new media (go nonprofits!), but we still have room for improvement.

What are the benefits of blogging? Well here are a few off the top of my head. You social media gurus, please add to this list.

  • Educate others on important topics related to your mission. This also positions your organization as the expert on these topics, which could help with communication and fundraising goals.
  • Build a community of those interested in your mission.
  • Promote fundraising events and other activities.
  • Increase your website SEO (search engine optimization) - One of the ways that Google (and others) ranks websites is based on quality of content. If you have quality information (think blogs), you will increase SEO. This will help customers, donors, volunteers and media folks find you.

Here are three great blog resources:

And, to get the conversation going, I will add a little incentive. Tell me about your favorite Chicago-area nonprofit blogs. The first person to respond will receive a FREE registration to the Axelson Center's 2011 Symposium for Nonprofit Professionals and Volunteers (a $225 value!).


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  • Thanks for the piece! The Neighborhood Writing Alliance just launched our blog a couple of months ago - - so I'd have to count that among my favorites! We're definitely trying to build a community around our mission, particularly by amplifying the voices of our writers and creating dialogue around the ideas they share. I'd love to connect with more Chicago nonprofit bloggers.

  • Thanks for the comment ... and for directing me to your blog. Great work! As the first person to comment, I am happy to give you a free admission to Symposium (mark your calendar for May 17, 2011). Please contact me at for registration information.

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