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I am tired of everyone telling me we need a compelling, well-written elevator speech. I'm sold--but creating a succinct, meaningful and interesting explanation of my organization is easier said than done. Are you in the same boat? Read on.

Two hard-to-find resources helped me:

1) Examples of great (or even good) elevator speeches for nonprofits (NOT companies)
2) A simple process that will nudge me in the right direction

If you are not sure what an elevator speech is, see bottom of blog for some great resources.

After much internet digging, I did find these sample elevator speeches for nonprofit organizations:

  1. Hello, my name is Sylvia Browder and I am Project Director, Business Coach and Consultant for the Women's Business Center, Inc. The Women's Business Center is a non-profit organization and our mission encompasses empowering women to start and grow successful businesses. Our services include one-on-one business coaching and consulting, mentoring, workshops, seminars and we are also technical assistant providers for the SBA community express loan program.
  2. Good morning! I'm Steve Williams. I am the development director for YouthPower, a startup nonprofit located in East Park Hill. Our volunteer mentors are high school seniors who meet weekly with 10th and 11th grade students from East High School to explore making positive choices--in school and within their relationships. YouthPower is currently looking for free or low-cost meeting space that is on the #15 or #20 bus route and available weekday afternoons. Thank you!
  3. I currently work as the chief marketing officer for a leadership organization for girls ages 5-18. The organization is Girl Scouts of West Central Florida and we serve more than 33,000 girls in eight counties. I love my work because as a Girl Scout alumna, I know first hand how Girl Scouts helped me become a leader in a way that was important and fulfilling to me, and provided me with the values and confidence to become who I am today. Girl Scouts is so much more than cookies and camping--as an organization we deliver life-changing programs to girls that help them deal with current life situations and prepare them to be strong, bold leaders in the future. I'm not only proud but very fortunate to work for such an impactful organization! Kristin Whitaker, Chief Marketing Officer, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

As far as an easy, step-by-step approach, I stumbled across a fantastic site from Buzzuka. This free resource walks you through a seven-step process for creating an elevator pitch--whether it be for you as a job seeker, your organization in general, or a program or initiative. At the end of these quick-and-easy steps (where they give you plenty of examples), you push a button and whaala!--it spits out a new elevator speech just like that. Of course, it will need tweaking (nothing in life is that simple), but it is a start, which is what many of us need.

If you have a great elevator speech for your organization, please share it below.

Explaining the Elevator Speech
What's an elevator speech? It's a short (30-90 second) sound bite that succinctly and memorably introduces your organization. All of your key stakeholders should be armed with an elevator speech for your organization. There are many resources (and about 1000 YouTube videos) that clearly define an elevator speech. And even more that explain why we need one and the many potential uses for your organization.

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