Manage Key Relationships More Effectively



"May need to remember that her good ideas aren't the only good ideas."
"May need to listen more to others and speak less."

Hmphh. The results of my personality test sound a lot like my husband.

These were just two of the hundreds of comments about my personality that I received from the Tony Robbins personal strengths profile. While often accurate, it isn't always fun to hear how we might play better with others. But, as the Nonprofit Sector can really be more accurately described as the "People Sector," understanding how to better communicate with others is not only important, it is essential. Why the People Sector? Because, regardless of mission, organizations just can't go without people. Volunteers, donors, staff, clients, community advocates, legislators - the list goes on and on. How you interact with these communities can truly be the difference between mission success and organizational failure.

So back to my quiz, research conducted by Innermetrix shows that the most successful people share the common trait of self-awareness. And self-awareness is one of the two key pillars of Emotional Intelligence (understand yourself, understand others).

This 15-minute free quiz has you rank different statements from most like you to least like you. It then provides two very detailed reports - one on your behavioral styles, the other about your values. It was an interesting way to spend the lunch hour. And I did find the reports both relevant and accurate.

According to Tony Robbins' site, more than two million people have taken this test to better understand their behavioral styles and personality types.

So, I am sharing this link with our readers. And, to honor my test results, I feel compelled to state that I do understand this is not the only good idea out there. Happy 4th of July!

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