Fun and Free Resources for NPOs

Fun and Free Resources for NPOs

One great part of my job is sifting through piles of emails, snail mail, publications and websites to uncover free and useful resources that help nonprofits do better. Below are three good ones:

Free meeting scheduling software saves time is a scheduling and polling tool that helps to make scheduling get-togethers considerably simpler than coordinating e-mails. It's easy to set up and free!

Pro-Bono consulting services
campusCATALYST engages college students from University of Chicago and Northwestern University to volunteer pro-bono consulting services to small and medium-sized Chicago area nonprofits. The consulting work focuses on areas such as operations, marketing or development.

A practical guide to building stories that resonate
"Invisible Ink" is a fantastic, accessible guide to the essential elements of the best storytelling. We know that how well we tell our story often determines how much funding we receive--so good storytelling is critical. The entire book is available online (and free) at

Do you know of free resources that will help nonprofits? Please share.

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