Love Is Where You Find It: On The Challenges, Beauty, And Fulfillment Of Interracial Love And Relationships.

“Nobody, no man no woman, is precisely who they think they are. Love is where you find it” This is a line from a 1987 James Baldwin television interview with Mavis Nicholson where Baldwin condenses in under two minutes the gravity and depth of love and interracial love in particular. Love and relationships can be... Read more »

The U.S. Addiction to Violence Equals Endless Suffering and Death

President Trump and his administration unleashed fifty nine Tomahawk land attack missiles (TLAMs) on the Shayrat Airbase in Syria April 7th. This further unleashing of U.S. military violence is under the premise that it was in retaliation for a nerve gas attack in Syria April 4. The certainty of Assad’s responsibility was and is being strongly... Read more »

I Am Not Your Negro: The Importance of Black History to White America.

I have seen Raul Peck’s masterpiece I Am Not Your Negro and I feel one cannot witness and experience this film without being moved in some way. I have seen this film twice because I enjoyed and took so much away from the experience. It is a film of the history of this country: one... Read more »
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The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil: The Need for Inclusion of Third Party Candidates.

On November 8th of last year Americans cast their vote in what may have been arguably called one of the most embarrassing, stomach turning, as well as seemingly endless Presidential election cycles in recent memory. We were told as voters to shut up and take our medicine. To pick one of two force fed candidates... Read more »

Post-Racial America and the Continued Dehumanization of Black Life

“We are a very sick country and our racism is a manifestation of our illness and the ways we don’t delve into our own wrecks. As a country we are a wreck. And part of it is that we never looked to see where we went off the trail.” – Alice Walker The phrase “post-racial... Read more »