Blacks Lives Don't Matter

There should be no room left for debate or argument concerning the absolute pathological disregard for Black life in America. The acquittal of three separate police killings of Black men last month  and STILL no trial date set for the Laquan McDonald killing involving Officer Jason Van Dyke serves as more evidence. Furthermore, in October of this year, we are approaching three years since Officer Van Dyke pummeled McDonalds 17-year-old flesh with 16 bullets. Dash cam video expose Van Dykes lie that McDonald lunged at him with a knife. The evidence has become as common as it has become mountainous. If we needed more evidence to accompany the stacks of dead Black bodies- piling up across America- to convince anyone of a near lack of total contempt for Black life existence, it is this: the police killing of Justine Ruszczyk (Damond) and it's open displays of White supremacy and entitlement.

Justine Ruszczyk's tragic death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer after calling 911 to investigate a possible rape. Ruszczyk's murder has produced massive local, national, and world outrage. The predominant White protesters and activists were asking for accountability and transparency. They got it and got it swiftly.

The Minneapolis police chief resigned within a week (7/21/17). Eight days later Mayor Betsy Hodges and acting police chief Medaria Arradando ordered police to turn a body cam on when responding to 911 calls   Let's be open and transparent; we have seen zero evidence of this kind of justice, swift or otherwise when a black female is gunned down by police.

Charleena Lyles, a 30-year-old Black pregnant woman, shot to death by police in Seattle on June 18th did not contain any of the attention or justice afforded in the Ruszczyk shooting. Lyles is Black. Seattle Police knew she had a history of mental illness.  Lyles did not have blonde hair or save ducklings out of the sewer. Her life, like the lives of four other Black woman killed by police this year, is extinguishable.

Black male and female victims of police terror are certainly not regarded as worthy as white victims. The Ruszcyzk family's attorney Robert Bennett called Justine Ruszczyk "the most innocent victim" of a police shooting he has ever seen. Apparently more innocent than Philando Castille, Bennett represented the Castille family, shot by a police officer for having a broken headlight or 12-year-old Tamir Rice playing in a park. Rice and Castille are Black male victims that did not receive mass White support and activism; they received zero justice as well

A White police shooting victim has now brought concern and boots on the ground activism for a lot of White folks. Black Lives Matter protesters have joined the Ruszcyk protests. That Black Lives Matter showed up at all is contrary to the myth they only show up for Black causes. White people have spent decades ignoring state sponsored police terrorism and murder of Blacks. It seems most White people have been in a near catatonic state witnessing Black activism directed towards police accountability and an unbalanced legal system in acts of civil disobedience.  Again White America is experiencing the words "the chickens coming home to roost" Malcolm X spoke in 1963.

Democrats, The Black Caucus, the justice system, institutionalized racism, and a corporate owned media play a substantial role in policy and narrative concerning race issues. The media coverage involving Black victims and White victims is so extreme it should be self-evident. One example states that Whites are killed by accident and are reflexively good citizens. Black victims, on the other hand, are looked as perpetrators and inherently violent. The false narrative of Black victims feeds into the built in squeamish cry "I feared for my life" defense. The increasingly impotent Democratic Party, including President Clinton's tough on crime policies, have contributed to this nationwide malady. Glenn Ford of correctly points out:

U.S. police kill more Black women every year than the total of all civilians killed annually by their counterparts in western Europe’s largest countries: the UK, France, and Germany. These sisters’ male relatives and loved ones are slaughtered on an epic scale -- with the connivance and consent of most of the Congressional Black Caucus, 80 percent of whose members voted to continue the militarization of local police when the issue came up for a vote on the full House floor in June of 2014...Florida Congressman Alan Grayson’s bill would have halted the Pentagon’s infamous 1033 program, which transfers military weapons, equipment, and training to local police departments...Only eight members of the Black Caucus opted to end the Pentagon transfers, which increased 24-fold during Barack Obama’s two terms in the White House. 

There doesn't need to be a dialogue about race or catchy feel good words like diversity. The issue of race is a very layered issue and does not get resolved with quick remedies. Therefore it gets dismissed; there is no one easy answer. Fair and equal justice would be a good start. The fact is it is almost impossible to convict a criminal police officer. Michael Harriot of explains: Between 2005 and 2017, 33 of the 49 people killed by indicted cops were black, but only five officers were convicted, making the homicide conviction rate for black victims a mere 12 percent.There are more than a few bad apples concerning criminal and unfit cops. Further compounding this issue is a police culture that protects them.

A leveler economic field for Blacks that provides a livable wage, not $10.00-$13.00 hour jobs. Jobs with no benefits, rarely 40 hour weeks and no room for skill or economic growth. Day to day living is a struggle at these wages let alone the dream of buying a home.

It seems that there is always a call for calm and peace in troubled times. We are living in that. The same usual suspects should channel that energy in demanding accountability from prosecutors, judges, police, and elected officials. Asking people to be patient at a certain point is insulting, to put it mildly. A pot of water over a flame will eventually boil over.

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