10 Wedding Website Designs I Wish Actually Existed

I'm finally bit the bullet and created a wedding website. While I've been trying (TRYING!) to keep my upcoming nuptials as low maintenance as possible, I realized that these little odes to 'your big day' on the internet are helpful, especially if you have lots of people coming in from all over and there's only so much you can explain about an event on the invitation. Like explaining mehndi to your 70 year-old aunt from Oregon. But that's another story...

So when I went to set up the website on mywedding.com, I thought it'd be pretty straight forward. Plug in the info, maybe a few pics, and you have a website. Right? But as so much else goes when it comes to weddings, nothing is straight forward. There are soooooooo many wedding website design options. From simple, to ornate, to downright odd, there is something for everyone. They are listed by name, so you don't really know what you're getting until you click on the name. Which kind of turned into a fun game. You got to try to have fun doing these things. At least that's what I tell myself.

Here's 10 of the wedding website designs that were not what I expected when I clicked on them and what I hoped would actually be the design.

All wedding planning and no travel make Alisa...something...something.

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