Love In The Time of Alzheimer's

Love In The Time of Alzheimer's

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and No Bags To Check is going purple with an Alzheimer’s Awareness series dedicated to this important cause and the Alzheimer’s Association’s The Longest Day event on June 21st. 

Over the past three weeks, I've done a lot of thinking and writing about Alzheimer's. It's been a learning experiences and emotional experience too. This series has delved into the facts and figures of the disease and its connections to some other conditions, such as Parkinson's and Down syndrome. Statistics about Alzheimer's impact on caregivers also help illustrate the staggering scope of its impact on our society. Basically, if you have a brain, you are at risk. As one of guest poster put it: it IS a social problem.

But what's even more powerful than numbers and statistics are the personal stories. Stories of people who are slowing losing loved ones like fathers and grandfathers. The precious memories we keep of grandmothers already gone and how Alzheimer's in grandparents impacts how we think about our own parents and children for generations afterwards. A video of a man who 'wandered' away from home to buy his wife Mother's Day flowers. My own Alzheimer's connection and how the spirit of my grandmother lives on in unexpected ways in my life.

The common thread through all these stories is love. The love felt between family members even when memories and communication are fading. The love that keeps people fighting for more research and better supports. The love that inspires celebrities to put their face on a decidedly bummer of a cause. The love that inspires people to challenge themselves to raise awareness and money. The love that sustains caregivers who day in and day out give their all for often thankless work.

This is a cause full of love, but that needs more love and support from the public. I hope people can find something in this series that inspires them to do something- whether it be learn more about Alzheimer's, donate, or reach out to someone they know who's been affected. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, your support matters.

A big thank you to everyone who wrote the amazing guest posts for the series. They are linked throughout this post, or you can find a list here. And thank you for those who have read, liked, and shared posts over the past three weeks. I means the world to me.

To support the Alzheimer's Association, the world's leading organization in Alzheimer's care, support, and research, and The Longest Day event, click here. If you'd like to donate to my personal page for The Longest Day (thanks!!!), click here.

Wait a minute- isn't this usually a travel blog? You're right, but for the next three weeks I'm dedicating my little internet real estate to this cause that is near and dear to my heart. I hope it encourages people to share information, stories, and support. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss a post and you can also follow on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

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