Where Your Mom Really Wants To Go For Mother's Day

"What do you want to do for Mother's Day?" is the question heard 'round the country this week. I've asked it many times myself, usually with the response of "I really want us to get our family portraits at Sears this year." And then my sister and I ended up complaining so much about how we didn't have anything to wear and going to Sears would be the WORST THING EVER, and finally my Mom would throw her hands up and we'd end up at Sizzler.

This year my Mom is living it up in Spain for Mother's Day. While I'll miss her on Sunday, I'm thrilled for her. She and my father are living their retirement dream. And I can't help thinking that in those moments where she was dealing with two ungrateful teenage daughters, as much as she loves us, she's probably been envisioning this type of Mother's Day for decades. So I decided to ask some fellow ChicagoNow bloggers who are also mothers for the real dish on where they really want to go for Mother's Day.

A few wished they could get in the way-back machine for Sunday: Sheila at Mary Tyler Mom would like to be able to see lost loved ones again and Karen at Baby Sideburns wants to go back to a time when "when I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted." Might need a hot tub time machine for that one.

Others, like Kathy at Quilting! Sewing! Creating!, Jayme at Life: One Post At A Time, Tammy at Chi-Town Mommy Mayhem, Katy at I Want A Dumpster Baby, and Nicole at Moms Who Drink and Swear: Chicago Edition are hoping to spend some quality time with their families at home.

Marie at There's a Bug In My Coffee, Cari at The Tot Wrangler , and Courtney at Everything Is Story Worthy are also hoping to spend some time at home, although of the sans family variety (if only for enough time to shower and use the bathroom alone).

And then there are the moms out there who are dreaming of destinations, both near and far from home. And because this is a travel blog, I made a gallery of pretty location pics (sans Rockford-sorry Jill at Cheaper Than Therapy). Enjoy ChicagoNow's top Mother's Day dream destinations. And I wish the happiest of Mother's Day to all the moms out there, wherever you are!

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