Fighting in a Hotel: What Would You Do?

Fighting in a Hotel: What Would You Do?

Imagine if you will, enjoying a nice staycation night in downtown Chicago with your partner. You get a great Groupon deal on the room, enjoy some room service, drink some wine you brought from home (because let's not get too crazy), walk around in the plush robe just because you get the picture.

After a lovely evening getting away from work, daunting cleaning projects, and a loud (but adorable) cat, you settle in for the night. When all of the sudden you wake up to the sound of yelling. Like, really loud angry sounding yelling. You can't quite make out everything that's being said, but you hear things like "I HATE YOU!" and "THIS IS OVER!" along with various expletives.

A door slams and you hear more screaming, this time from the hallway, not far from your room. It's a small hotel with only a few rooms to a floor, so you know it's nearby. You envision one of parties of the fight has left the situation and it's over. You roll over and go back to sleep. But then it wakes you up again. The same irate voices, yelling what sounds like most of the same things you heard before.

What do you do?

A. Do you call the hotel desk and ask them to handle the situation? It is waking people up and sounds pretty heated, although you haven't heard anything to suggest it's become physical is any way.

B. Do you pop your head into the hallway to assess the situation and hope some furniture doesn't come flying your way?

C. Or do you wait it out and let these folks handle their own business, albeit for a lot of other people to hear?

I opted for C, but when I woke up the next morning, I wasn't sure if I made a good choice. While I didn't hear anything to suggest anyone was being harmed other that by yelling and no one made calls for help, I feel like I could have missed something. I've definitely engaged in some verbal sparing in hotel rooms and would have been mortified if someone came to basically say "Hey, we can hear you." A very private moment in a space that often lacks full privacy.

I just hope everyone's okay.

What would you have done if you hear two people fighting in a hotel? Am I a bad citizen for doing nothing? Has something similar ever happened to you? Feel free to leave a comment or discuss on Facebook and Twitter.

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