5 Ways to Celebrate Australia Day

Blinked and you might have missed it in this part of the world, but Australia Day is Sunday, January 26th. This day marks the anniversary of the British landing Down Under and the beginning of the modern day nation. And it's a big deal, both for Australians at home and abroad. I lived in an Aussie-heavy neighborhood in London, and Australia Day was marked by big parties with people drinking lots of beer and running through streets with flags tied on like capes. All the Australians I've ever met have been up for a good time, so I'm just going to generalize that to the entire population, and imagine Sunday is one hell of a shin-dig.

So instead of feeling sad about how crap the weather is in Chicago and much of the US, why not celebrate some southern hemisphere summertime (the high in Perth will be in the 90s) this weekend? Break out your gold and green clothes, learn the words to Waltzing Matilda, and figure out what is going on during Aussie Rules Football. It's Australia Day, mate!

Check out the gallery for 5 ways to get your Australia Day on when you're no where near Australia. Or even in the right hemisphere.

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