America: F Yeah! (in pictures)

In my early 20s, I kind of thought America was lame. Been there, done that, was my mentality. So when the opportunity arose, I moved to Europe for a few years.

While I loved that time abroad, it did make me appreciate some things about America. Peanut butter, Tex Mex, clothing dryers, and the correct use of the term "pants" were a few. But another thing was the sheer expansiveness of the country. So much right under our noses, from mountain to metropolis and palm trees to pines.  Makes you want to break into some Woody Guthrie tunes.  And more importantly, so many potential trips and so little time!

So, on this upcoming Fourth of July as we celebrate the creation of the nation and breaking away from England before getting an invitation to the Commonwealth Games, here is a gallery are some of my favorite pictures from around the US of A.

Say it with me now...."America: F Yeah!" (Sorry Mom- the link has some bad words in it.)

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