Mad Men Season 6 Premiere- Travel Inspiration

2013-02-16 22.06.19

I'm still digesting the premiere of the latest installment of Mad Men. Besides saying things like:

"Since when does Betty think about other people?"

"Could you really ever squat St. Mark's Place in the Village?"

"Why does Don look like he wants to make out with that doctor?" (Answer: He's banging his wife!)

I loved the glimpse into travel in the 1960s. Back to when it was a true luxury and ultra glamorous. The Draper's trip to Hawaii looked amazing- Cocktails on the beach! Beautiful balcony vistas! Megan's wardrobe!

It reminded me of a vintage liquor travel case a friend brought on a trip recently. What better way to fly in style and channel your inner Don Draper than with a separate suitcase for your scotch, stirrers, and glasses. Time to get shopping on Etsy or eBay.

A toast to happy travels!



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