Get with the Food Truck Program!

Dear Chicago,

I was in Phoenix last week. My travelling companion and I had been here before and knew immediately where we wanted to go to lunch after landing- Food Truck Friday. This is how to spend your lunch break. A relaxed crowd of downtown workers enjoying some time outside while sampling a wide variety of the city's finest mobile eats. I think the pictures can set the scene much better than my words can, though.

I could help but think what a great addition this type of set-up would be to one of the Loop's plazas or even around Millennium Park (especially in the summer), where let's face it, the interesting, affordable, and non-chain food options are limited. And I realize Chicago does have food trucks, but without the ability to make to order and cook in the truck, it's just not the same. For a city that prides itself on it's foodie culture, it's such a shame that Chicago just hasn't caught up with this trend yet or allowed chefs without brick and mortar establishments to bring their cuisine to the masses. I hope with the opening of the city's first truck with an onboard cooking license in January, we'll see a lot more to come.

Get on it! Don't let Phoenix be cooler than us. They already got us beat on the weather by a long shot.



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