AFAR Magazine Highlights Midwest Destinations for 2013

AFAR Magazine Highlights Midwest Destinations for 2013

Who says the Midwest is just a bunch of flyover states? The March/April issue of AFAR magazine highlighted several destinations within a  six-hour drive of Chicago in their All-American Travel Experiences list (on-line and in print).

What made the list?

  • Lake Charlevoix in Michigan (360 miles from Chicago) for its natural clay pools.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland (350 miles from Chicago) with its new slick home in the cosmopolitan Uptown neighborhood.
  • Chicago's very own West Randolph Street area for, what else, good eats like Girl and the Goat.

Did AFAR get it right? I have to say, I think the West Randolph thing is a bit "been there, done that". Yes, the restaurants are good (althought g.e.b was mentioned in the blurb, which was as disappointing and my experience there), but are there other list-worthy destinations in Chicago? Are there other neighborhoods where the food scene has been overlooked?

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