About the Author and Contact Info

Terry Gant is the owner and operator of Third Coast Comics (www.thirdcoastcomics.com) in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood.

Started in 2005 as an online comic book store, specializing in graphic novels, in the summer of 2008 Third Coast Comics became a “Brick and Mortar” operation.

Terry is 99% sure that he is the only African American Comic Book Retailer in the United States.

Terry currently lives in Evanston, IL with his very patient and understanding wife and their 2 birds, “Hawthorne” & “Oh My God Don’t Let Him Escape”.

In an alternate universe they have two strange but cool in their own way children, who may or may not be standing right behind you. Their names are Beckah and Norway.

In addition to comics, it would be very easy to get him to talk about Professional Wrestling, Heavy Metal, Baseball or Fine Spirits.

Contact Info:
E - terry@thirdcoastcomics.com
T - @3rdcoastcomics
P - 847/863-7450