You Want New Graphic Novels for January Don't You

You Want New Graphic Novels for January Don't You











Happy New Year Nerds,

I'll be real with you dear readers, I spent a lot of 2014 over thinking my own nerd thought and it pretty much paralyzed me as far as updating this blog. Oh I was plenty busy slinging my nerd thoughts all over the internet and being creative. I just felt line most of my life was DC Comics in 1986 but for some reason this blog had to be Alan Moore's Watchmen. I don't do New Years Resolutions. I do, "Stay of everyone's way until they wear down and then kick it up a notch" but that had me feeling like, "January is almost over so why should I keep 2015 to myself?" when all you all you can think about is "It's January and I want new graphic Novels!"

I learned a few things in 2014. Chief among them was get out of your own way. With that being said, Nine Panel Layout is back

For starters, if you were thinking of getting into Graphic Novels in 2015 or looking for something new to get into, I'll tell about a few things on the Must Reads rack at Third Coast Comics right now.

Here's 3 graphic novels from the vast creative explosion happening at Image Comics these days.

Wicked + Divine Vol 1: A bunch of normal people discover they are now possessed by reincarnated Gods. They quickly discover that the centuries have not helped them deal with each other and go clubbing.

Black Science Vol 1: Team of scientists pierce the barrier between realities only to discover that the realities next door aren't even close to his own. It's Lost in Space meets Everything.

Sex Criminals Vol 1: A man and woman discover they have the power to stop time when they have they do the only logical thing they can do. They have sex and rob banks. Then the problems start.

The first book is written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Jamie McKelvie. I can't wait for the 2nd volume to be collected because a character in it looks just like my youngest sister...who also looks like Prince sometimes.

The second  book is written by Rick Remender and the third is by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. Remender and Fraction have a long list of comics under their belts and if you like this maybe look up their other stuff.

That's all for this start to 2015. I'll see you guys in a few days.


Wicked Divine tp1 Black Science tp1 Sex Crim 1

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