Space Pirates: We Need Them Now More Than Ever.

Space Pirates: We Need Them Now More Than Ever.

Ok so I went on a brief...4 month hiatus from blogging. I admit that when it comes to telling you my thoughts about comics and things related to comics, I get this feeling that I want to provide nothing but high minded analysis of the industry and it's history but recent events in my like have lead me to understand that I can save my high minded thoughts for the conversations I have with my bicycle as I ride to my shop. Thus: This post about Space Pirates (and also ever of the wall argument that occurs in my shop from this point on).

Today at Third Coast Comics, a certain cast of characters had a discussion about the new Cyclops comic by Greg Rucka from Marvel Comics.

The cast were:

Me - Owner of the shop
Bexx - Minister of Cats and Sleep
Less Than Silent Vince - Customer
Julie The Surprisingly Polish - Customer

Bexx and I were telling people all day about this Cyclops comic. We love it. Cyclops of the Uncanny X-Men has long been a favorite character of ours. This is a comics where a young Cyclops (time travel) has gone into space with Corsair (his Space Pirate time travel needed) to have adventures and learn how not to grow up and be thought of as a dick.

An aside:

We realize many of you dislike Cyclops. This is ok. we know it's because you allowed someone to make you hate him just so Wolverine could be made to seem cool. You being brainwashed in regards to Cyclops for 25 years is pretty immaterial to why this book is actually good.

It COULD be germane if I were doing Cyclops related pros and cons, which I am not. If you wish to have that discussion, see the image below.

Cyclops was right

Now then, Bexx, Vince and I decided to have a Space Pirate draft (ok my idea) because lets be honest, when has space pirates ever been a burden to your enjoyment of comics?? Never? I know right!!!

All you need to know, and I'll cover it in a post next week is that All New Marvel Now is the current marketing ply by Marvel Comics to get you to buy their comics (several of which are pretty good) and The Starjammers is the name of the crew of Space Pirates led by Cyclops' dad.

On to the draft:

Bexx:  Corsair -  This is the name of Cyclops' old man. Think of an Errol Flynn style pirate if he were instead played by Bill Paxton. He's basically King of the Space Pirates in comics. I can think of others but he's what you mean when someone says Space Pirates and isn't talking about Captain Harlock.

Vince: Bruce Banner - This is the Hulk but really Vince wanted a super smart guy. Being a Hulk is a bonus.

Terry: Sunspot -  He's basically a wealthy mutant from Brazil who converts stellar energy to super strength. he doesn't really care about being a super hero as much as he cares about sunbathing, soccer and the ladies.

Bexx: Cypher -  Doug Ramsey. A mutant with the power to decipher all forms of language. This also more than likely gets you his best friend, Warlock, an artificial life form that turns into stuff. Think Data from ST:TNG if he looked like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

Vince: Blink -  She teleports and is in this next X-men movie. I'm not a fan. I have teleporter prejudices.  I'm a HUGE nerd.

Julie: Storm -  Because she's bad ass and would be cool in space. I'm pretty sure that was what Julie said.

Terry: Jack Monroe - Former Partner to Captain America. Think Winter Soldier before there was a Winter Soldier. Currently he's dead but so what. It's comics.

Bexx:  Ms. Mavel - Kamala Khan. If you're not reading the new Ms Marvel Comic, get on it. It's pretty sweet and it's by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona and published by Marvel. It's the story of a teenage Muslim girl who gets shapeshifter powers but...teenaging is so hard!

Vince: Gambit - To be honest, he's a perfect space pirate. if someone wrote a story where he was the long lost brother of Cyclops who came to Earth to not follow in the footsteps of Pirate Daddy, I'd accept that...Marvel, are you listening. Google Gambit of the X-Men and then Google Captain Halock and tell me they don't fit together. I dare you.




Bexx: Fantomex -  Ok many of you don't know who this guy is but he's awesome. Think Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock BUT the accent is fake and his nervous system exists outside of his body and can be a space ship. He pretends to be French because why not.

Julie: Hulkling -  This is a character from the young Avengers who looks kind of Hulk lik but is actually a shape changing Skrull politico but a young teenage one or something. He's also pretty queer. it wasn't mentioned during the draft but we could get add his partner Wiccan, to the crew as well. Both are fan fave characters.

The Name of this book would be the All New Marvel Now Jammers but that was really just a joke based on Marvel's heavy handed marketing designed to get readers to buy new first issues of books ever year.

All jokes aside though, look at the actual potential for this line up. The 4 of us had fun making it but it's got an amazing mix of everything modern readers of comics want.

Old Silver Age Characters:
Bruce Banner

Old Bronze Age Characters:
Corsair, Sunspot, Jack Monroe, Storm, Warlock, Cypher

90's Nostalgia:
Gambit, Blink,

2000's Craftiness:
Fantomex, Hulkling

Current Hotness:
Ms. Marvel

Sunspot, Storm, Ms Marvel

Hulkling, Wiccan

Storm, Blink, Ms. Marvel

Sunspot, Cypher, Blink, Hulkling, Wiccan, Ms. Marvel

Personally I'm pretty proud of what we came up with here without actually stating an agenda or anything. We were 4 people of varying ages, genders, ethnicities and comics experience too. I'm pretty sure if we wer tasked with pitching this boo w could have saved some meetings about this sort of thing too.

It could have been, "Hey guys, make us a great comic we can sell to damn near everyone!"


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  • I would like to see someone like Punisher, though he is a bit crazy for my tastes, so maybe Domino as part of the group...

    Or Sage, her mind is like a computer!

    Either of these people might need a reason to be with the group as both are mercenaries I believe.

    Also, something about Sage having been absorbed by a crystal palace. Hmm.

  • Did you know there is a book out there called "Space: Punisher? It's pretty amazing! I liked Sage too. I never had much use for Domino though.

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