Mainstream Comics Should Literally Mine the Indies

Mainstream Comics Should Literally Mine the Indies

I've observed that people complain a ton that there are no new ideas in mainstream comics. My friend, "Late for Dinner" is always going on about trends at DC that basically come down to "The Day Evil Won" and whatnot. I can see with a decent amount of certainty that these days Marvel and DC like to have "EVIL" win and then show our heroes coming back to win the day. It's still a valid complain though. It made me wonder if maybe mainstream comics should literally mine the indies for story/antagonists.

Bear with me.

Some of the biggest sellers in my shop BY FAR are books like, Saga, Rat Queens, Sex Criminals, Lumberjanes, Alex + Ada and Manifest Destiny. There are lot of fans who are walking right past the Avengers, Batman and the X-Men to find something they consider new and fresh.

While this is happening DC is spending the gestation period of a baby human to resolve the Justice League vs the Evil Justice League. Marvel is planning to SHOCK THE WORLD by killing a major character and more than likely thinking about giving us an Avengers team made up entirely of Avengers who use nothing but their secret identities while adventuring.

These things are advertised as new and cool but many fans disagree. This means there is a bit of disconnect between the major publishers and a good percentage of the comics curious audience. I think Marvel and DC do a lot of word trying to create new characters and storylines but they keep missing the obvious choices. Use the ideas of the indies to build your new ideas!

On my shelves the indies give you:

A high school full of flesh eating zombies

A human/sexbot love story

A school of teenagers trained to be assassins

Death, the Horseman, who doesn't want the world to end

Lewis and Clark traveling across an American Frontier filed with monsters

There are a ton more good plots out there. Too many to mention here but the point is that these are books not produced by DC or Marvel that are selling in decent numbers in comic shops. I get the feeling that while folks say they love the Joker, Doomsday, & Sabertooth, those characters (as opposition to our heroes) aren't really growing an audience.

I have noticed a difference between what people say they want vs what they actually spend money on but this is a bit different. It'd be nice if the mainstream paid a bit more attention to what's going on and acted on it.

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